Orient Beach
Best clothing optional beach on the Island...

Orient Beach St Martin - Clothing Optional.

Orient Beach - Restaurants, watersports and more...


This beach sits on the French side and on the north eastern shore line of the Island. It attracts people from all walks of life due to is clothing optional facilities.

It's a cool fifteen minute drive from Philipsburg. Maybe a bit more during peak times.

It's about two miles long and to my knowledge is one of the longest beaches on the French side.

I've been to the orient dozens of times. In fact it's my favorite beach on the island.

There's enough space here for everyone, whether you're into high activity or if you're just looking for a quiet relaxing spot.

The location offers the fresh scent of the north east trade winds. The constant roll of the waves beating the shore and salt air rings paradise in your ear.

As I sit here next to Pedro's beach bar, there's a sense of tranquility as I franticly try to capture every passing moment and transmit into words for your convenience.

The aqua marine waters found here are common on the beaches around the Island but this location seems to be able to present these qualities in magnificent style.

This is attributed to the vast array of colors along the beach. Being on the east side, the sun does a great job of producing a glistening effect on the water allowing for a picture perfect setting.

About the beach you can see visitors strolling to and fro through out the day.

From this grand spot I glimpse the Island of Anguilla through the Pinel Island channel and Tintamarre Island famous for its mud baths.

I especially like this spot for its festive atmosphere.

There's a great deal of water sports booths and restaurants about the beach.

Anything ranging from chair rentals to parasailing can be found on the orient beach.

For those of you with kids, there's a trampoline and a banana boat ride for their entertainment.

There are also the arts and craft ladies walking up and down with tropical hats, bags and t-shirts, just to mention a few items.

Snorkeling is yet another popular activity that can be done here on Orient beach.

For those of you who may be using a taxi, at any given time of the day you an find one to take you back to your cruise ship or hotel.

In fact, you can arrange with the driver that brought you there for a pick up.

I wish you a pleasant visit to Orient Beach.

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