The Butterfly Farm St Martin, A World Of Butterflies...

Butterfly Farm St Martin - A world of Butterflies...

The Butterfly Farm - A world of interesting butterflies...


Did you know that Caterpillars turn into butterflies and moths?

The farm on St Martin is an attraction that has been a source of natural beauty, created to mimic the outdoors.

I can't help but imagine that their main goal would be the preservation and education of this beautiful insect.

There you'll be able to see the popular Monarch and the Distinctive Owl amongst others.

It is more of a butterfly garden that can be recreated as a smaller version in your own back yard.

In fact your recreation need not be enclosed at all. Just provide the plants that the butterflies like and you're off to a great start.

The foliage and setting exceeded my expectations.

It's only a few hundred square feet in size but the moment you walk through the garden gate, the ambiance changes from lobby to rain forest in a split second.

There's a French Spanish and English tour at designated times throughout the day in the event that you have no knowledge of butterflies at all.

The tour guide spoke with a voice of vast knowledge and years of experience.

He undoubtedly knew what he was talking about as he held nothing back.

In fact, the evidence of his passion escaped from the seams of his face as he displayed his love for the butterfly.

Butterflies by nature will only lay their eggs on the plants that their baby caterpillars will eat.

With this you can imagine the diversity of plants and flowers about the garden.

Butterflies in general live for about three to four weeks. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is a process that even science still has not discovered in it's entirety.

I arrived there late in the afternoon and was able to view some of the most exotic butterflies in action right next to me.

Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed to me as though they were trained. The butterflies flew right next to my head with a confidence different from those that I'm accustomed to seeing on the street.

I would suggest an early tour for those of you interested in capturing a rear glimpse of a butterfly emerging or on its first flight.

A beautiful pond lies in the middle of garden as you walk over an old wooden bridge that connects one side to the other. That in itself allows for a refreshing escape from the outside heat.

At any point of the tour employees are at hand to answer any of your questions.

The four stages of the metamorphosis from egg to butterfly can be seen at the farm.

The lobby displays a wide selection of souvenirs made with real butterflies from jewelry to wall hangings. Be sure to grab something for a gift item.

This one is an educational experience worth doing that both kids and adults will immensely enjoy.

Once again I recommend this one
as yet another great discoveries.

You can contact the folks at the butterfly farm at:

The Butterfly Farm

St Martin (La Ferme Des Papillons)

Le Galion Beach Road

Quartier D'Orleans

Saint Martin 97150

French West Indies

Tel/Fax +599-54-43562 (Office)

Tel: +590-590-873121 (Farm)




























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