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"Hi, I'm Ken, and you have just found the ultimate Insider's Guide to St Maarten, the premier destination in the Caribbean's N.E. chain of islands...  I hope to be your guide to the best deals and arrangements for a  vacation you will remember for the rest of your life!"

This vacation guide is designed to help you make informed decisions for your well-deserved family vacation, based on our own research and personal experience of living and working in the Dutch Caribbean Islands.

Discover St Maarten through the eyes of someone who lives and works here... an Activities Director with a popular resort.

Get the infomation that real people want and need. Peek in, poke about... get tips from us locals, and choose to your heart's delight.

Ignore the noise and clutter of the commercial sites that are just trying to sell "stuff".  Get the best local knowledge from local people.

Design your own vacation (with our help if you want) and experience the true essence of everyday life of those who live on St Maarten.

We'll show you where to stay, eat... and the 'must-have' experiences. Heck - We'll even tell you where to park before you even get  here.


Lobster in St maarten

Sitting at the North-Easterly corner of the Caribbean Island chain this dual flag rock stands out with its numerous beaches and captivating hill top views. You'll be blown away the minute you land at Princess Juliana International Airport.

From above you’d think that the pilot had lost his mind as the 737 barely misses the beach and hops over the fence onto the air strip.

Today the breathtaking experience of the St Maarten landing remains an attraction.

Click here for more exciting take offs and landings.

My Description of this GEM is simple.

It's a Caribbean Paradise - It's the only appropriate analogy that comes to mind.  Its views and vistas will just take your breath away.

Now, you can spend all of your time basking in the sun on the 37 beaches and do the popular Mud Baths, or get involved in dozens of other activities.  Relax or play.  Your choice. Do both!

I highly recommend visiting St Martin (as it is sometimes called). “Gosh”, "Wow!" are just some of the comments I hear! And, that's the emotion you'll experience every time you visit.

The residents here will compliment your visit by making you feel as comfortable as can be. We locals offer the best you can find on any Island paradise. It’s a place where we local folk still say “good morning” as you pass by at seven O’clock.

There are enough land and water activities here to last an eternity. From hiking to snorkeling, horse back riding, island excursions, skydiving... the list goes on.

Pinel Island, French West Indies...

Pinel Island French St Martin

My Mission is Simple

Here you'll get honest, warm hearted information and quality recommendations. If I haven't done or researched it myself you won't find it on this site. If you can't find what you're looking for then just ask me for it and I'll research it for you. This is my commitment to your perfect vacation on my personal Caribbean Paradise.

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So, come back soon!  

I will continually add more information about St Maarten and the other nearby islands in the N.E. Caribbean chain of islands, so you can fully experience the beauty and wonder of my home... and our warm welcome whenever you come visit us here on St Maarten, our Caribbean Island gem.

What our visitors say.
"Loved your site. Very homey and personable. I loved the detail and personal experience that went into the development of your site. The colors reminded me of the islands and I loved the content that painted a wonderful picture of the island. Great work."
"Thanks for such invaluable information. This is truely a no pressure source. I will highly refer the Celine Charters on your sailing page. My husband and I had an excellent day trip sailing out to Tintamarre Island, where we did the mud baths. Once again thanks for your recommendations."
"I liked that you gave information about the island and the best (pricewise) time to go. If you get a visit from a hurricane, then we may get a visit. I liked the photographs good job there. Your site had a personal touch that I really liked. "

St Maarten Information - Here you'll find general Information about St Maarten.
St Maarten Information - Get the information about driving, simpson bay bridge, culture, airlines, climate, getting here and much more.
Transportation St Maarten, Getting around the Caribbean Island
Transportation St Maarten, Getting around the Caribbean Island
Restaurants St Maarten - The tastes of The Caribbean...
Restaurants St Maarten - The tastes of The Caribbean...
St Martin Beaches - Get the complete guide all the popular beaches on St Martin.
St Martin Beaches - Get the complete guide all the popular beaches on St Martin.
Caribbean Water Sports
Caribbean Water Sports
12 Metre Regatta - The Best Sailing Experience In the Caribbean
12 Metre Regatta - The Best Sailing Experience In the Caribbean
Sailing St Maarten
Sailing St Maarten
Weather St Maarten. Find out what the weather is like on St Maarten today.
Weather St Maarten: Find out what the weather is like on the Caribbean island of St Maarten today.
st maarten carnival Get information about the primier carnival in the Caribbean
St Maarten Carnival - St Maarten Carnival filled with the color and splendor of the Islands.
Shopping Saint Martin - Duty free shopping.
Shopping Saint Martin - Get information on the best value for your money.
St Maarten car rentals: Cheap and dependable...
St Maarten Car Rentals: Choosing a reliable rental car company for your visit...
Caribbean Islands Map
Caribbean Islands Map
St Maartens history is Something You Can't Escape.
St Maartens history and information of the earliest humans dating back to 2000 BC can be found here.
Lescargot Restaurant - Great Food and The Best Carberet
Lescargot Restaurant - Get to L'escargot early for a great dinner and see the mother of Caribbean Caberet.
Simpson bay Beach - Gather information on this not so well attended beach.
Simpson bay Beach - Here you find everything about simpson bay and its surroundings.
Great Bay Beach - Get your feet wet in the heart of philipsburg.
Great Bay Beach - Here you'll be able to find everything you need from activities to shopping all in one spot.
pinel island - Experience a french traquil get away.
Pinel Island - Escape the mainland into this tropical paradise. Your own palm laced terrane.
Lees Cafe Restaurant - Famous on St Maarten for its grilled fish.
Lees Cafe Restaurant - Famous on St Maarten for its grilled fish.
Pineapple Pete Restaurant - Known on St Maarten for great food and atmosphere
Pineapple Pete Restaurant - Known on St Maarten for great food and atmosphere.
Orient Beach - Best clothing optional spot n the world.
Orient Beach - See how the french do it. This is a full service beach providing everything from chairs to jet skis.
Loterie Farm - Soar your way through the trees in St Maarten.
Loterie Farm - Soar through the fly zone for a 1 1/2 hr zip line experience.
Butterfly Farm - A world of Butterflies
Butterfly Farm - A world of Butterflies and tours for educational purposes, photos and more.
St Maarten Landings - Only in St Maarten can you get this close.
St Maarten Landings - NO where else in the world can you get this close but in St Maarten.
St Maarten Taxis will take you Door To Door.
St Maarten taxis: There're fast, reliable and affordable...
St Maarten Bus: Getting around the island...
St Maarten Bus: The public buses are a great way to travel the island...
Caribbean Island Vacation Hideouts Near The Near St Maarten
Caribbean Island Vacation Hideouts Near The Near St Maarten
Churches - A simple explanation of the early days
Churches - Its influences on the history of st Maarten
St Maarten Culture - Eighty plus nationalities.
St Maarten Culture - St Maartin boasts one of the worlds diverse cultures per capita considering its size.
Travel Links - Premium Partners of Discover St Maarten web site.
Travel Links - Here you'll find hand pick web sites that add to the visitors experience. Quality sites that give information.
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Contact form for Kenneth Hall from
St Maarten Vacation, Tell us your best vacation experience
St Maarten Vacation, Tell us your best favorite experience
Simpson Bay - Get everything in one central spot on the Dutch side.
Simpson Bay - Get everything you'll ever need. Banks, shopping, gas stations, supermarkets, doctors dining and accommodation within walking distance.
Da Party Bus - Be a part of the unforgettable tour.
Da Party Bus - This exciting excursion takes you on on the experience of your life through select bars and areas of the island.
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The Dominican living in St Maarten.
The Dominican community living in St Maarten speaks for a great percentage of the work force contributing greatly to the Island's economy.
Road rules and general driving on St Maarten.
Get the general scoot on road rules and driving in general on St Maarten.
St Martin Deep Sea Fishing
Here you'll find general information on deep sea fishing in the surrounding islands.

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